Physio BikeFit

A Physio BikeFit is designed to help you establish the best possible riding position on your bike.

This is done with a face-to-face consultation, followed by full body and bike assessment, where we aim to optimize your pedaling technique and enhance your performance and comfort on your bike. It is also done to prevent and treat any of the commonly encountered cycling injuries and relieve any discomfort you may already be experiencing.

Physiotherapists are ideally placed to provide cycling assessments, as leading health care professionals in biomechanical analysis, musculoskeletal injuries and the treatment of these injuries.

What is involved in a Physio BikeFit & how will it benefit me?

  1. Detailed history of existing pain or injuries, training loads and current bike setup
  2. Detailed assessment of your body, including leg and forearm length, spinal & joint flexibility, coordination and strengths/weaknesses
  3. Assessment of your cleat position, saddle height, seat foreaft and effective seat to bars length
  4. Video captured motion analysis of your body position & pedaling technique on the bike, identifying Knee & Ankle Angles and Lower Back Position
  5. You will be provided with a Physio BikeFit report to take home with you at the end of your session. This report will include the findings of your assessment, recommended bike set up changes, cycling technique correction (as required) and any exercises deemed necessary to optimize your comfort and performance on the bike

The ultimate goal of a BikeFit is to find the perfect balance between comfort, power, injury prevention and bike handling.
A Physiotherapy BikeFit will help you:

  • Avoid hand and feet numbness

  • Lessen or abolish back, knee pain and/or neck pain

  • Improve power and efficiency on the bike

  • Ride for longer with greater comfort

  • Avoid saddle discomfort

  • Reduce risk of developing overuse injuries

  • “Accommodate fit” to allow for existing acute or chronic injuries

Who is conducting my Physio BikeFit assessment?

Shane Bishop (Physiotherapist) is a passionate and competitive cyclist who has an extensive background in elite sport, achieving a national level in distance running athletics and a state level in cycling. Shane trained in BikeFit with a Level 1 & 2 Physio BikeFit & Injury Prevention course, which includes certification credits from the International Bike Fitting Institute.

Shane enjoys and finds great satisfaction in helping cyclists achieve their goals, whether that may be achieving a more comfortable ride, improving power and endurance on the bike or addressing and overcoming specific injuries.

Shane takes a wholistic approach when it comes to BikeFit, not simply matching “body to bike” measurements, but also analysing the dynamic interplay during cycling through a range of modalities, to better understand and fit the cyclist to their bike. Guiding the cyclist on developing a more efficient pedaling technique is also an important component of a successful BikeFit.

What should I bring and how long will it take?

Cyclists should bring the following with you to your BikeFit session:

  • Bicycle, with appropriate tyres for a stationary trainer. Please note we are only offering assessments for Road and Triathlon bikes at present (not Mountain or Gravel bikes yet)
  • Cycling shoes and shorts
  • Orthoses if applicable
  • Assessment is done with ‘no top on’ for males and crop top for females; to allow for texta body markings and clearer video body analysis
  • Your BikeFit session will run for 1 hour

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