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Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is one of the exercise program options available to physiotherapists to address specific injury treatment. It is very different from traditional Pilates exercise classes, where the aim is more focused on general strengthening and fitness.

Modern day Clinical Pilates exercise programs are unique, evidence-based and an excellent rehabilitation tool for injury management and prevention. DMA Clinical Pilates in particular, takes into account that many patients have a preference for exercising into a certain direction of movement; evolving Clinical Pilates into the “Movement Based Classification & Treatment” philosophy.

All our physiotherapists have post-graduate training in Clinical Pilates. Some are DMA trained, while others have studied the APPI approach. They are all experienced in formulating exercise programs directed at managing simple injuries, complex recurring injuries, pregnancy related pelvic & lower back pain, sporting or recreational injuries.

Conditions in which Clinical Pilates can assist you include:

  • Lower back pain – particularly if chronic or recurrent

  • Neck and upper thoracic spine pain

  • Recurrent hamstring tears, groin injuries or ACL ruptures

  • Pregnancy – pelvic girdle instability or lower back pain

  • Pre and Post-surgical rehabilitation

  • Sports specific performance enhancement

  • Joint hyper-mobility – eg. Ehlers Danlos syndrome

  • Osteoarthritis – particularly hip and knee

  • Certain dysautonomia conditions eg. POTS

Clinical Pilates exercise programs typically involve:

  • Mat-based exercises, including simple take-home exercises

  • Theraband resistance exercises – we have Theraband and PhysiPod Pilates Kits available for purchase, that increase the effectiveness of your Clinical Pilates exercises

  • Specialised Equipment Room – including Clinical Reformers and Trapeze Tables, for more advanced Clinical Pilates exercises

What do the recent changes to Private Health Insurance (PHI) Rebates mean for you?

In short, nothing. The changes to PHI rebates for Pilates (which came into effect in 2018) will only affect those people undertaking Pilates classes, where the focus of the class is traditional strength and fitness (these rebates have been ceased). The physiotherapists at Albert Street Sports & Spinal Injury Centre use Clinical Pilates exercises as one part of their overall treatment and management for that patient. As these sessions involve considerable assessment, reassessment, goal setting and clinical record taking, they are billed as physiotherapy sessions. This is still claimable with extras cover, with your private health insurance company.

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