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All orthopaedic surgical procedures require skilled physiotherapy rehabilitation to maximise a successful outcome. Some operations do not require much rehabilitation at all, whereas others can require many months of monitoring to achieve a full recovery.

Our physiotherapists are experienced and highly trained to guide you through your post-operative rehabilitation program and return you to full function, in the shortest possible time. Typically this rehabilitation period requires specific exercises to restore joint range of movement and improve the strength and neuromuscular control of the operated area.

We frequently liaise with your referring surgeon and/or GP during the course of your treatment.

Some operations that require physiotherapy rehabilitation include:

  • Hip, Knee, Shoulder and Ankle Replacements

  • ACLR – Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction/Repair

  • Shoulder – Rotator Cuff Repair, SLAP Repairs, Sub-Acromial Decompressions

  • Achilles Tendon Rupture Repairs

  • Ankle – Lateral Ligament Reconstructions, Fusions

  • Hip Arthroscopy – Labral Repairs, CAM Deformity Resections

  • Spinal Surgery – Laminectomy, Fusions, Scoliosis Stabilisation

  • Tendon Repairs – various

  • Fracture Rehabilitation

  • This is not an exhaustive list!

Prehabilitation involves undertaking an exercise program to address strength and range of movement issues, prior to your operation. These exercises are often very similar to those you will be doing in your post-operative phase.

If you do have the opportunity to undertake a period of prehabilitation, it will greatly assist the success of your surgical outcome.

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